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Heritage List for England – coming 04/04/2011

Exciting news, everyone!  EH have finally announced that the Heritage List for England will be launched this coming Monday, 4th April.  For those who haven’t heard about this before:

The Heritage List for England is an online database, which, for the first time, brings together all nationally designated heritage assets in one place, including:

  • Listed Buildings
  • Scheduled Monuments
  • Registered Parks and Gardens
  • Registered Battlefields
  • Protected Wreck Sites

World Heritage Site records have also been added to the Heritage List for England, but are separately designated by UNESCO.

You will also find current Certificates of Immunity (COI) and Building Preservation Notices (BPN) on the Heritage List for England.

So basically, it has all nationally designated assets, not just listed buildings.  Apologies to Mike and Thomas, but I’m afraid the coverage is just for England, by the sounds of it.  

It’s going to be available via EH’s website apparently, so have a look there next week…