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Lisa Pasquale

Lisa is a London-based building performance evaluator, focusing on low energy design and quality management in construction. She was previously Architype’s Sustainable Design Development manager, as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Oxford Brookes University’s, Institute for Sustainable Development. Her expertise starts where most consultants leave off – with how the building’s energy and environment works after it’s been handed over to the client.
Lisa has conducted many building evaluations in schools, offices and housing, bringing feedback to the delivery teams to aid in improving standard specifications, construction quality checks and designs approaches. She’s a strong advocate of taking a Soft Landings approach to delivering buildings, by integrating a post-construction and post-occupancy feedback loop into the standard delivery and construction process and engaging building users at the early stages of design. She has practiced as an Architectural designer in London, Boston and Shanghai. She holds degrees from the Architectural Association’s Energy and Environment department and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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