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Reading List 2013-14

This reading list has been given to the Library by the Course Director.

Please note that the Library does not necessarily hold all the books included on this reading list and that only a small percentage of items maybe held on the Unit Programme Shelf. For location details please consult the Library catalogue. Items marked (*) are core items and students starting the course should try to read them before the start of term.

Books may be in or out of print!

Alcock, N. W. & Hall, L.: Fixtures and Fittings in dated houses 1567 – 1763, C.B.A., 1994

Aldrich, M: The Gothic Revival, Phaidon, 1994

Arrhenius, T.: The Fragile Monuments – on Conservation and Modernity, Artifice, 2012

Ashurst J. (ed): Conservation of Ruins, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2007,

Ashurst, J: Mortars, Plasters & Renders in Conservation (Second Edition), Ecclesiastical Architects & Surveyors Association, 2002

Ayers, J: Domestic Interiors: The British Tradition 1500 – 1850, Yale, 2003

Aygen, Z: International Heritage and Historic Building Conservation: Saving the World’s Past, Routledge, 2012

Bevan, R.: The Destruction Of Memory: Architecture At War, Reaktion, 2006

Binney, M: In Search of the Perfect House, Weidenfield & Nicholson, 2007

Blair, J. & Pyrah, C.: Church Archaeology: Research Directions for the Future, C.B.A., 1996

Bloszies, C.: Old Buildings, New Designs: Architectural Transformations, Princeton U.P., 2012

Bramwell, P, M. and Airs, M. (eds): The Vernacular Workshop from Craft to Industry, 1400 – 1900, C.B.A., 2004

(*) Brand, S.: How Buildings Learn, Viking/Penguin, 1994

Bristow, I.: Architectural Colour in British Interiors, 1615 – 1840, Yale, 1996

Brittain – Catlin, T.: How to Read A Building, Collins, 2007

Brocklebank, I. (ed.): Building Limes in Conservation, Routledge, 2012

Brooks, C. & Saint A. (eds): The Victorian Church: Architecture & Society. Manchester University Press, 1995

Brooks, C.: The Gothic Revival, Phaidon, 1999

Brunskill, R.: Traditional Buildings of Britain, Cassell, 2004

Brunskill, R. W.: Traditional Buildings of Britain: An Introduction to Vernacular Architecture, Yale, 2004

BSI: BS 7913: 1998. Guide To the Principles Of The Conservation of Historic Buildings, BSI. 1998 (to be revised imminently)

Burkinshaw, R. and Parrett, M.: Diagnosing Damp, RICS Business Services, 2004

C.I.B.S.E.: Guide for Building Services for Historic Buildings: Sustainable Services for Traditional Buildings, C.I.B.S.E., 2002

Charles, F. & M.: Conservation of Timber Buildings, Routledge, 1995 Chitham, R.: Classical Orders of Architecture, Architectural Press, 1985 Choay, F.: The Invention Of the Historic Monument, Cambridge U.P., 2001 (*) Clark, K.: Informed Conservation, English Heritage, 2001,

Clarke, B. F. L.: The Building Of The Eighteenth Century Church, SPCU, 1963

Clifton-Taylor, A.: The Pattern Of English Building, Batsford, 1962 (current revised edition, publisher)

Colston, B. and Watt, D (eds): Conservation of Historic Buildings and their Contents, Routledge, 2003

Colvin, H.: A Biographical Dictionary Of British Architects 1600 – 1840 Yale, 2007 (Fourth Edition)

Cook, M. G.: Energy Efficiency in Old Houses, Croward Press, 20007

Cramer, J & Breitling, S.: Architecture In Existing Fabric, Birkhauser, 2007

Crimson, M and Zimmerman, C.: Neo-avant-garde and Post Modern: Post War Architecture in Britain and Beyond, Yale, 2010

Curl, J. S.: Piety Proclaimed: An Introduction To Places Of Worship In Victorian England, Historical Publications, 2002

Curl, J.: Victorian Architecture: Diversity & Intention, Spire Books, 2009 Daniels, R & Broadwood, G: Ruskin & Architecture, Spire Books, 2003

Davies, A. (& others): The Care and Conservation of Georgian Houses: A Maintenance Manual for Edinburgh New Town, Architectural Press, 1995 (4th Edition)

Davey, P.: Arts & Crafts Architecture, Phaidon, 1995

Draper, P.: The Formation of English Gothic: Architecture and Identity, Yale, 2006

Drury, M.: Wandering Architects, Shaun Tyas, 2000

(*) Earl, J.: Building Conservation Philosophy, Routledge, 2003

Emmons, P., Lomholt, J., Hendrix, J. (eds).: The Cultural Role of Architecture: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives, Routledge, 2012

English Heritage: The Power of Place, 2000

(*) English Heritage: Conservation Principles: Policies & Guidance for the Sustainable Management of the Historic Environment, 2008 (free of charge or downloadable)

English Heritage/CABE: Building in Context: New Development in Historic Areas, 2007 English Heritage: Constructive Conservation in Practice, (2008 & 2012)

English Heritage: Easy Access to Historic Buildings, 2004

English Heritage: The Setting of Heritage Assets, 2011

English Heritage: Understanding Historic Buildings: A Guide to Good Recording Practice (parts 1, 2 & 3), 2006

English Heritage: Understanding Places: An Introduction, 2010

English Heritage: Understanding Places: Character and Context in Local Planning, 2011

English Heritage: Historic Area Assessments: Principles in Practice, 2010

English Heritage: Valuing Places: Good Practice in Conservation Areas, 2010

(All these are downloadable from the EH or HELM websites)

English Heritage: Practical Building Conservation Series: Martin, B. and Woods, C. (series eds.): Ashgate, Farnham.

Goodhall, J.: The English Castle 1066 – 1650, Yale, 2011

Gomme, A. and Maguire, A.: Design & Plan in the Country House: from Castle Donjons to Palladian Boxes, Yale, 2008

Gordon, J. E.: Structures: Or why things don’t fall down, Penguin 1991 Hamilton, A.: Writing Dissertations, RIBA, 1990

Gordon, J. E.: The New Science of Storing Materials or Why you Didn’t fall through the floor, Penguin, 1968

Hamilton, A.: Writing Matters, RIBA, 1990

Hammond, P.: Towards a Church Architecture, Architectural Press, 1962

Harris, H.: Discovering Timber-Framed Buildings, Shire Publications, 1978

Hart, V.: Inigo James: The Architect of Kings, Yale, 2011

Harvey, J: English Medieval Architects – A Biographical Dictionary Down to 1550, Alan Sutton, 1984

Harvey, J: The Medieval Architect ,Wayland, 1972

Harwood, E.: England: A Guide To Post-War Listed Buildings, Batsford, 2003

Harwood, E. & Powers, A. (eds.): The Heroic Period of Conservation, Twentieth Century Society, 2004

Harwood, R.: Historic Environment Law: Planning, Listed Buildings, Monuments, Conservation Areas and Objects. Institute of Art and Law, Builth Wells, 2012.

Henderson, P.: The Tudor House and Garden, Yale, 2005

Henry A. (ed),: Stone Conservation: Principles & Practice, Routledge 2006

Heritage Lottery Fund: Conservation Management Planning, 2008 (available to download from HLF website)

Heritage Lottery Fund: Thinking about… Conservation, 2008 (available to download from HLF website)

Heyman, J.: The Stone Skeleton: Structural Engineering of Stone Masonry Cambridge, U.P 1997 Heyman, J.: The Science of Structural Engineering, Imperial College Press, 1999

Hill, P. & David, J.: Practical Stonemasonry, Routledge, 1995

Hill, R.: God’s Architect: Pugin and the Building of Romantic Britain, Allen Lane, 2007

Historic Scotland: A Guide to the Preparation of Conservation Plans, Edinburgh, 2000

(Historic Scotland: Generally a source of excellent low priced or free technical publications – see their website for details)

Holmes, S. & Wingate, M.: Building with Lime – A Practical Introduction, Intermediate Technology, Publications 1997

Hughes, H. (ed): Layers of Understanding: Setting Standards for Architectural Paint Research, Routledge 2001

Hunt, T.: Building Jerusalem, the Rise & Fall of The Victorian City, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 2004

Hunter, M. (ed): Preserving the Past: The Rise of Heritage in Modern Britain, Alan Sutton Publishing, 1996

ICOMOS: Various Charters, (available to download free of charge ICOMOS website “publications” link)

Insall, D: The Care Of Old Buildings Today, Architectural Press, 1972

Insall, D: Living Buildings, Architectural Conservation: Philosophy, Principles & Practice, Images Publishing, 2008

Inskip, P. and Gee, S.: Louis Kahn & the Yale Centre for British Art, A Conservation Plan, Yale, 2012

Jenkins, S.: England’s Thousand Best Churches, Allen Lane/Penguin, 1999

Jenkins, S.: England’s Thousand Best Houses, Allen Lane, 2002

Jokilehto, J.: A History Of Architectural Conservation, Butterworth – Heinemann, 1999 (available to download free of charge from ICCROM website)

Journal of Architectural Conservation, by subscription, Routledge (in AA Library)

Keene, D., Burns, A. & Saint, A.: St. Paul’s: The Cathedral Church of London 604 – 2004, Yale, 2004

Klemisch, J.: Maintenance of Historic Buildings, Routledge ,2011

Latham, D.: Creative Reuse of Buildings (2 vols), Routledge, 2000

Letellier, R. & Eppich, R.: Recording, Documentation, and Information Management for the Conservation of Heritage Places, Routledge, 2011

Levy, M.: Why Buildings fall Down, W. W. Norton, 1994

Littlefield, D. & Lewis, S.: Architectural Voices – Listening to Old Buildings, Wiley – Academy, 2007

Livingston, K. & Parry, L. (eds.): International Arts & Crafts, V & A Publications, 2005

Long, H.: The Edwardian House, Manchester University Press, 1993

Lowenthal, D.: The Past Is a Foreign Country, Cambridge, 1985

Lubbock, J.: The Tyranny of Taste: Politics of Architecture and Design in Britain, 1550 – 1960, Yale, 1995

Lynch, G.: Brickwork: History, Technology of Practice, (2 vols), Routledge, 1994

MacDonald, S (ed): Modern Matters: Principles & Practice In Conserving Recent Architecture, Routledge, 1996

MacDonald, S (ed): Preserving Post-War Heritage: The Core & Conservation Of Mid-Twentieth Century Architecture, Routledge, 2001

MacDonald, S. (and others) (eds): Conservation of Modern Architecture, Routledge, 2007

McClendon, C.: The Origins of Medieval Architecture: Building in Europe, A.D. 600 – 900, Yale, 2005

Meacham, S.: Regaining Paradise: Englishness and the Early Garden City Management, Yale 1999 Miller, M.: English Garden Cities, An Introduction, English Heritage, 2010

Mercer, E.: English Vernacular Houses, HMSO, 1975 (RCHM)

Miele, C.: From William Morris: Building Conservation & the Arts & Crafts Cult of Authenticity 1877 – 1939, Yale, 2005.

Mortimer, I.: The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England, Vintage, 2009

Mynors, C: Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas & Monuments, Sweet & Maxwell, 2006 (4th Edition)

National Trust: Manual Of Housekeeping, Butterworth Heinemann, 2007

Oliver, N.: A History of Ancient Britain, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 2011

(*) Orbasli, A.: Architectural Conservation, Blackwell Schience, 2008

Oxley, R.: Survey & Repair of Traditional Buildings: A Sustainable Approach, Routledge, 2003

Palladio, A.: The Four Books Of Architecture, MIT 1997

Parsons, D.: Churches and Chapels: Investigating Places of Worship, C.B.A., 1998

Peacock, A. & Rizzo, I. (eds): The Heritage Game: Economics, Policy, and Practice, Oxford, 2008

(*) Pevsner, N. (& others): Pevsner’s Architectural Glossary, Yale, 2011

Pevsner N. (& Others): The Buildings of England Series, Yale/Penguin, various.

Platt, C.: Parish Churches Of Medieval England, Chancellor Press, 1995

Powers, A.: Britain: Modern Architects In History, Reaktion Books, 2007

Powys, A.: Repair Of Ancient Buildings, SPAB, 1995 reprint 1929

(*) The Prince’s Regeneration Trust: How to: Write Conservation Reports, London, 2009 (downloadable from PRT website)

Pugin, A.W.N: The True Principles etc., Gracewing, 2003

Rackham, O.: A History of the Countryside, Phoenix Press, 2000

Richardson, J.: The Local Historian’s Encyclopaedia, Historical Publications Ltd, 2003

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Robson, P.: Structural Appraisal of Traditional Buildings, Routledge, (Second Edition), 2005 Robson, P.: Structural Repair of Traditional Buildings, Routledge, 1999

Ruskin, J.: The Seven Lamps Of Architecture, Dover, 1989

Ryan, C.: Traditional Construction for a Sustainable Future, Spons Press, 2011

Rybczynski, W.: the Perfect House: A Journey with the Renaissance Master Andreo Palladio, Scribner, 2003

Saint, A.: Richard Norman Shaw, Yale, 2010

Salvadori, M.: Why Buildings Stand up, W. W. Norton, 1991

Salzman, L. F: Building in England Down to 1540, Oxford (various editions 1952 – 1997) Scofield, J.: Medieval London Houses, Yale, 1995

Scofield, J.: Medieval Towns: The Archaeology of British Towns in Their European Setting, Equinox Publishing Ltd., 2005

Scofield, J.: 1100 – 1600: The Archaeology of a Capital City, Equinox Publishing Ltd., 2011

Scofield, J.: St. Paul’s Cathedral before Wren, English Heritage, 2011

Scott, F.: On Altering Architecture, Routledge, 2008

Semple Kerr, J: Conservation Plans. National Trust Of Australia, 2000 (Fifth Edition) (available from ICOMOS-UK)

Shacklock, V.(ed): Architectural Conservation: Issues and Developments, Routledge 2006 (*) Slocombe, M.: Traditional Building Materials, Shire Publications, 2012.

SPAB/Faith in Maintenance: The Good Maintenance Guide, SPAB, 2008

Stalley, R.: Early Medieval Architecture, Oxford U.P., 1999

Stanley Price N. (and others) (eds) Readings In Conservation: Historical & Philosophical Issues In The Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Getty Cons Inst., 1996

Stovel, H.: Risk Preparedness: A Management Manual For World Cultural Heritage, ICCROM, 1998

Strattan, M. (ed): Structure & Style: Conserving 20th Century Buildings, E. & F. N. Spon, 1997

Strattan, M. (ed): Industrial Buildings: Conservation & Regeneration, E. & F. N. Spon, 1997

Stubbs, J. H.: Time Honored: A Global View of Architectural Conservation, John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2009

Summerson, J.: Architecture In Britain 1530 – 1830, Yale/Pelican, 1993

Summerson, J.: The Classical Language of Architecture, Thames & Hudsonn, 1001

Summerson, J.: Georgian London, Yale, 2003

Sweet, M.: Inventing the Victorians, Faber & Faber, 2001

Thompson, M.: Ruins Reused: Changing Attitudes to ruins…, Heritage Marketing Publications, 2006

de la Torre, M. (ed.): Heritage Values In Site Management: Four Case Studies, Getty Cons Inst., 2005

Tutton, M. & Hirst, E.(eds): Windows: History, Repair and Conservation, Routledge, 2007

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(*) Watt, D.: Building Pathology: Principles and Practice, Blackwell Science, 1999

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Wilson, R. & Mackley, A: Creating Paradise: The Building of the English Country House 1660 – 1880, Hambledon & London, 2000

Worsley, G.: Inigo James and the European Classicist Tradition, Yale, 2007

Worthing, D & Bond, S.: Managing Built Heritage: The Role of Cultural Significance, Blackwell Publishing, 2008